Discover the benefits of eating fresh organic foods chosen for your body type 

so you can reach your best weight easefully, strengthen your immunity, and live vibrantly!


Because taking good care of yourself has never been more important



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Are you ready to transform the way you look and feel with simple, satisfying foods tailored to your unique body type?


WELCOME! My name is Terry Ermini. I created the Empowerment Eating programs to help you learn the qualities and functions of the different foods, the importance of complete digestion, and the satisfaction of becoming accomplished and creative in your kitchen so you can,

  • Lose weight easefully and enjoyably
  • Make deliciously simple, balanced meals  
  • Learn to know, trust, and love your body 
  • Adopt powerful self-care habits
  • Become deeply committed to your health and well-being
  • Live a longer, healthier, more authentic life 

Empowerment Eating is based on the ancient science of Ayurveda



"When diet is right, medicine is of no need. 

When diet is poor, medicine is of no use."                


Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, is India’s ancient system of rejuvenation and longevity and provides a profound understanding of the way Nature works. From its vast trove of wisdom and guidelines we learn the importance of embracing our unique individuality so body, mind, and environment can be in harmony. The Ayurvedic proverb above reminds us how important right diet and complete digestion are to maintaining good health. Learning about and understanding the different actions of foods through their tastes and qualities enables us to choose which foods are best for our body type in any given circumstance. With this knowledge, food assumes its medicinal role, bringing us into balance and feeding our potential to thrive.

“I am learning what my body truly wants and what is best for me and my well being. After beginning Terry's program I noticed an improvement in how I felt pretty much right away. After two weeks I’ve lost 3.5 lb. and am feeling a definite improvement. Feeling lighter not only physically but also mentally.” - Jocelyn

What does it take to move into your Thrive?

Do you sense you could be in better shape and have more vitality? What would that take? The journey from where you are now with your weight and well-being to where you want to be is a process of replacing habits that harm with habits that heal.

In order for a new habit to take root three things are necessary. First you have to understand how particular habit is harming you. Second, you must personally experience that the new habit you are cultivating is more rewarding than the habit you are replacing. And third, you have to be consistent in practicing your new habit and celebrating the results you are getting, no matter whether big or small.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

"Terry’s classes have transformed my life! I feel better, I have more energy and clarity. I'm making better choices for myself. And, I'm thoroughly enjoying these delicious meals. I eat slowly because I don't want them to end!” - Eileen

Meals, Movement, Mission, & Mindset

When you enroll in the Empowerment Eating Program we’ll help you determine your Ayurvedic body type during an hour long orientation call that lets us get to know you and understand your goals. Then we’ll work together to create the best food plan for your body type and optimal weight. All aspects of our holistic program have been carefully designed to give you the information, motivation, and practical tools to nourish your body’s transformation. We integrate the Empowerment Eating protocol with the Body Thrive® habits to empower your emerging self-image as slimmer, smarter, stronger, clear, confident, and creative. Our programs focus on Meals, Movement, Mission, and Mindset. Just as the tires on a car need to be inflated equally for a smooth ride, these four aspects of your life need equal attention.

“Terry's meals are always well coordinated and balanced. Her cooking techniques are simple, use fewer ingredients, and are both health-giving and life-affirming. The proof is in the pudding as well as in the soup and stir-fry! Terry can help any cook create meals that taste delicious with less stress. This is cooking that nourishes both body and soul.” -Martha

Meals, Movement, Mission, & Mindset

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How many times have you walked into your kitchen wondering, "what in the world am I going to make for dinner?" We’ll give you simple, delicious meal plans and easy-to-prepare recipes to end that dilemma. Then we'll teach you how to create balanced meals yourself. You will learn our best cooking methods and kitchen organizing tips so you can become more efficient and creative in your kitchen! Choosing fresh, seasonal, organic, whole foods is the first step in preparing meals that are delicious and digestible. The rule of thumb is, "Increase quality so you can decrease quantity". When you eat the best food you can buy, and cook it with awareness and love, you don’t need a large quantity of food because you will quickly prefer feeling satisfied instead of stuffed


We all know that regular exercise is as necessary for weight management and vitality as healthful meals. But do you know that regular intervals of exercise keep your lymph flowing and therefore are one of the best ways you can strengthen your immune system and lift your mood? We encourage joyful, at-home routines that require little or no equipment and recommend 20 minute sessions before breakfast and dinner. Make one session dancing, jogging, or rebounding for cardio support; make the other Yoga, Qi Gong, or Pilates to stretch and tone your muscles. Add a 10 minute walk after lunch or dinner and 10 minutes of early morning pranayama (controlled breathing) and you will soon start looking and feeling fantastic! 


There are many reasons to want to get into shape and raise the bar on your health and vitality. Have you identified your very own BIG reason, the one that won’t let you stop until you’ve achieved success? Knowing your “Big Why” is essential for reaching your goal. It brings clarity and passion to your action steps and provides the strength and resilience to stay on track when the daily demands of life threaten to derail you. Your mission is the deep desire behind your immediate goal! Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure what your mission is. It will emerge in the course of the experiential exercises, journaling, and meditations you’ll do in the program. You will recognize it when it shows up, and when it does, grab hold of it and bring it to fulfillment.


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Have you noticed how self sabotage has a habit of popping up just when you decide to move forward in your life? Self sabotage, also known as resistance, can take many forms. All are aimed at getting you to quit, making you feel “this is too hard” or “I can’t" in their attempt to block you. Self sabotage can show up as a deep-seated fear or the belief you’re not ready yet. It can show up as procrastination or perfectionism. Often it shows up as complacency, telling you, “things are just fine the way they are - don't rock the boat”.

In meditation you begin to recognize these limiting beliefs and feelings for what they are - past impressions and stored reactions that feel real but aren’t. Mindset work guides you to notice and feel the feelings and replace them with empowering beliefs that support who and how you want to be going forward. A powerful mindset shift motivates you to create a strategic action plan. With each action you take obstacles start to dissolve. You become open to new opportunities and start getting results. Step by step you reach your goal! The support and feedback you get in your 1:1 coaching calls and from our private community will help you process your feelings and break through whatever resistance has been holding you back. With the right effort, you will get the results you want!


In meditation you begin to recognize that you are not your limiting belief - you are the one witnessing the belief. Limiting beliefs and the feelings they bring up have nothing to do with your true nature or the present moment. They are impressions from past experiences, stored reactions and conclusions that feel real but aren’t. Mindset work guides you to feel the feelings, let them go, and replace them with empowering beliefs that support who you want to be and what your want to have. Powerful mindset shifts motivate you to create a strategic action plan and follow through. With each action step you take the mental tangle of obstacles begins to dissolve. You become open to new opportunities as they show up. You start getting results, and step by step you reach your goal! The support and feedback you get in your 1:1 coaching calls and from our private community will help you process your feelings and break through whatever resistance has been holding you back. You will get the results you want!

The evolution of habits and identity into the transformation that is possible is a process of easeful, steady practice. Being part of a dynamic group facilitates and enhances this process in ways that will amaze you. The Empowerment Eating Program is 9 months long, with enrollment dates in March, July, and October.

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These are some of the results you can expect

when you enroll in Empowerment Eating programs

  • Easeful weight loss
  • Clarity & Confidence about what to eat
  • Clarity & Confidence planning your meals 
  • Confidence & Creativity cooking delicious dishes
  • Connection to your Circadian rhythms
  • Alignment with habits that promote vitality, resilience, and easeful living
  • Trust in your body’s ability to transform and heal
  • A new sense of lightness, purpose, and joy

Your transformation into a slimmer, healthier, more vibrant you comes through learning, practice, and support. Being in a dynamic group of peers following similar protocols provides the encouragement and momentum to accelerate your progress. Our signature Empowerment Eating Program is a 36 weeks program (3 trimesters) with weekly modules that are part teaching, part coaching, and part Q & A and discussion. It also includes a monthly one to one coaching session. Short courses on specific topics are also offered throughout the year.

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The price of the Empowerment Eating program is $3,600

Select the payment option best for you:

$3,600 Paid in full, or
$435/month For 9 months
Or save with our $5,000 "bring a friend" bonus price
$5,000 for both you and your friend when you enroll together. 

 *Why do we offer an $1100 per person discount? Because sharing your victories and struggles with a friend strengthens commitment, accountability, and success. We want you to succeed!

Your Transformation is priceless!

I am committed to supporting you in reaching your goals. If you are committed to looking and feeling better than ever this year and want to explore how the Empowerment Eating program can help you, let's talk! 

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Allow possibility to become reality!

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